You can play PUBG Mobile on PC with BlueStacks. It’s a free and comfy Android emulator. So enjoy the game by playing with keyboard and mouse.

Download PUBG Mobile on PC with BlueStacks

Step 1. Installation of BlueStacks

If you are already using BlueStacks go straight to the step 3. 


1. Press on the download link on top.

2. Click on the blue button “Download PUBG Mobile for PC”.

3. Save and open the file.

Installation of BlueStacks 1

4. Make sure you have sign next to the «Accept software licence».

Installation of BlueStacks

5. Click on the «Customize Installation» to chose where you would like to install the emulator.

Installation of BlueStacks

6. Now press on the «Install now». Turn off your antivirus software if you facing any issues while the installation.

7. Click on the “Complete” button to finish up the installation. It can take several minutes to start BlueStacks for the first time.

Step 2. Setting up a Google account

1. Chose your country and language and click “Start”.

2. Login with your Gmail (Google) account. Register a new one if you didn’t previously use it.

3. Click on the “Accept”. A then “Start to use BlueStacks”.

Step 3. Installation of PUBG Mobile


1. Press on the download link on top.

2. Click on the “Download PUBG Mobile for PC”.

3. Your web browser will ask you to open the BlueStacks 4. Do it.

4. Now install PUBG Mobile inside the emulator.

How to run game with smooth 60 FPS?

  • Enable virtualization technology (VT) inside the BIOS settings. Find more about it info at the official BlueStacks blog.
  • Open the emulator settings. Then go to the “Engine” and increase the number of available CPU cores and the amount of RAM.
  • Open the PUBG Mobile settings. Then chose the extreme frame rate. Try different options of the graphics quality to find the best one for you.

Ask questions if you have any problems or need help. Have fun playing!