A full guide on how to play PUBG Mobile on macOS by using MuMu App Player. It’s a great Android emulator for this game.

How to play PUBG Mobile on macOS?

MuMu App Player Emulator

MuMu App Player is an excellent emulator for running Android games on macOS. Although it might take some time to set it up. That is because program was made for Chinese market. And it doesn’t have full English translation yet. But with following our guide it will be quite easy. So let’s get to it.

Installation of emulator

1. Go to the — https://adl.netease.com/d/g/a11/c/mac

2. Download and install the program. If the link does not work for you then use proxy or VPN.

3. Open the MuMu App Player.

4. Click on the cogwheel at bottom to open the settings. Now press on globe icon to change the language. Chose English or any other option you like.

Installation of APKPure and PUBG Mobile

1. Open the MuMu’S Browser app.

2. Now open the following link inside the MuMu’s Browser – https://apkpure.com/

3. Press at the green “Download” button. Then press on another “Download” button.

4. Install the APKPure app.

5. Now open the APKPure. Use in-app search bar to find and install PUBG Mobile.

Setting up controls

1. Start PUBG Mobile and go to the training mode.

2. Open in-game settings by pressing on the cogwheel close the mini-map. Now go to “Controls” and press “Customize”.

3. Click on the keyboard icon at the bottom of Emulator.

PUBG Mobile macOS mumu controls

PUBG Mobile macOS mumu controls

4. Use our screenshots to set up controls. Basically you can do everything in the same way. But if you have your own preferences feel free to do any changes you like.

5. Now you can save changes by pressing on a blue button at the right corner.

After you finish setting up the controls you are good to go. Have fun!