how to disable snow in cs go

A quick guide on how to disable snow effects inside the CS:GO menu. You can easily do it by using right start up command. So without further ado let’s get started.

How to turn off snow effects in CS:GO?

1. Open Steam and go the “Library”.

cs go properties

2. Click on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with right mouse button.

3. Now chose “Properties”.

cs go properties

4. Open “Set launch options” in “General” section”.

5. Type – “+sv_holiday_mode 0” and click “OK”.

6. Close this window and start the game.

Now you wont have any unwanted effects inside your game. If you would like change it back just remove the command. By the way this method effects only the menu. You will still have snow on the winter maps like Office. Have a nice day!