In this short guide we are going to tell you how to dress up your PUBG character in a costume which will make him invisible for other players.  The idea belongs to ErasableNinja, popular YouTuber who are using this set of clothes like no one else. You can find more than 10 funny ninja montages on his channel right now.

How to make ErasableNinja’s PUBG Outfit?

Step 1

You will have to switch to female character first. The woman model is visually much more smaller than a model of the man. It will help you to hide better. You can do it for 3000 BP by using special menu inside the game.

Step 2

Then you will need to get a custom set of clothes recommended by ErasableNinja. Everything is cheap. Only one item is slightly more expensive than other. We are talking about Twitch Prime Balaclava. Feel free to use some creativity and it replace it with something else. All items are available on the Steam Community Market.

PUBG Beanie (Gray)

Twitch Prime Balaclava

Punk Glasses

Long Sleeved Turtleneck (Black)

Punk Knuckle Gloves (Black)

Baggy Pants (Black)

Leather Boots (Black)

Step 3

To become truly invisible you will have to forget about the backpack and other equipment that can screw things up. A frying pan, second level armor vest and sub-machines guns will be the best choice.

Now you can hide anywhere you want. In a bush, sitting in car or even in a boat. Just remember to have patience and always pick a right moment. We wish you best of luck!