Download failed in Tencent Gaming Buddy

A guide how to fix «Download failed because the resources could not be found» error. This is a common issue in Tencent Gaming Buddy, PUBG Mobile emulator. On this moment we know two unofficial ways of fixing this problem. So write in comments which one worked for you. Together we can find the best solution.

Fix №1

1. Switch to Chinese language inside the emulator settings. Click on 3 lines, then open “Settings” and “Language”. Chose the upper option and click “Save”.

2. Start the game and make sure to install the update.

3. Switch back to English language after the update will be over.

Fix №2

1. Reinstall the emulator.

2. Open and update the game.

3. Uninstall the PUBG Mobile inside the emulator. Click on the down arrow close to the “Play” button and chose “Uninstall”.

4. Open the «Game Center» and install the game. Make sure that you chose the «International» version.