How to get 60 fps in Tencent Gaming Buddy

A guide that will help you to get 60 FPS in Tencent Gaming Buddy. Plus it will increase overall performance as well. Especially if you have any problems while playing the game.

Tencent Gaming Buddy Settings for 60 FPS

tencent gaming buddy settings

1. Click on the hamburger menu at the top of screen.

2. Then chose “Settings”.

3. Go to the “Engine”.

4. Here you can let the emulator to use more resources of your computer.

tencent gaming buddy settings 2

  • Memory – is the amount of RAM. Chose the proper number for your PC. Remember that 1 GB of RAM is 1024 MB. If you have 4 GB or more you need to chose 4096 MB.
  • Processor – is the number of CPU cores you have. For dual core processor chose – 2, quad core – 4, eight core – 8.

5. Also in this section you can find settings for the graphics quality. Depending on your computer make them lower or higher.

6. Save changes and restart the emulator. You can also experiment with step number 5 to get the best result possible.

PUBG Mobile Settings for 60 FPS

pubg mobile settings

1. Click on the cogwheel icon to open “Settings”.

2. Go to the “Graphics” section.

pubg mobile 60 fps settings

3. Chose “Extreme” option under the “Frame Rate”. It will unlock the 60 FPS in the PUBG Mobile.

4. You can try different options under the “Graphics” section. So you can find the best one for you. Same rule applies to “Anti-Aliasing” and “Shadows”.

5. Now restart the game. If you aren’t happy with FPS go back to step 4 and try to lower the quality of graphics and disable other options.

Additional measures

1. Update the graphics card drivers. You can find the newest version here:

If you have a Nvidia graphics card. 

If you have a Radeon graphics card. 

2. Update the DirectX version.